Substitute Presenter Eligibility Requirements

This form is used to submit a request for a substitute presenter.
Substitute Presenter Eligibility Requirements
  • must be listed as a co-author on the abstract submitted
  • must be qualified to discuss all aspects of the abstract during its presentation

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* 1. I acknowledge that the substitute presenter meets the eligibility requirements.

Substitute Presenter Obligations
  • Register and pay the fees to attend the Annual Meeting.
  • Present in the poster or oral session as scheduled
  • Hang poster during designated poster set-up times, present during scheduled Poster Session, and take down poster at the end of the meeting during the designated poster dismantle time.

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* 2. I will inform the substitute presenter of these obligations. 

Presenter Communications

All communications related to the presenter will continue to be sent to the First-Author's email address.

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* 3. I will keep the substitute presenter informed by forwarding all email communications related to the presentation.

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