Marketing Organizations in the Age of Martech

We're running this research study to learn how marketing departments are organized to support and leverage marketing technology. What patterns of "org charts" are different kinds of companies adopting?

We'll ask you a few multiple-choice questions and a few open-ended questions for your input. Some may require a little time to specify roles and responsibilities — but this data is what will be really helpful for all of us to understand marketing organization practices that are emerging today. All results will be anonymized and aggregated.

THANK YOU for taking the time to do this. We'll share the results (and a special discount to the MarTech conference) with everyone who participates.

— Scott Brinker, Program Chair, MarTech Conference (@chiefmartec)

* 1. How is your marketing department organized at the highest level?

* 2. Has your organization recently restructured your marketing department and/or IT department in response to better leverage marketing technology?

* 3. What roles serve as direct reports to your CMO (or highest marketing executive)? For example: content marketing, demand generation, digital marketing, marketing operations, etc. These might be VP or director roles. Fill in one role per text box below, for as many roles as there are:

* 4. Do you have someone in your organization who is explicitly in charge of marketing technology?