Raise Your Voice Newcastle – It’s Time to Speak Up

NOTE: Removal of lock-out laws currently imposed upon late trading Newcastle venues was not requested as part of the review of licensing conditions.

1. Almost a decade on, do you agree it is time to review the conditions imposed in 2008 as part of the Newcastle Solution?

2. Sydney’s lock out laws allow patrons to order drinks of their choice until 12am. Should Newcastle patrons be able to do the same?

3. Do you agree the ability to buy a cocktail whenever a venue is open would be reasonable?

4. Would one consistent Newcastle lock out time make it easier to meet up with friends and/or plan a night out?

5. Anti-alcohol campaigner Tony Brown describes himself as a “community advocate” who speaks on behalf of Newcastle.  Does he represent your views?

6. Would you like to see more live music in Newcastle venues?