Please use this form to request additions or changes to A+ offerings.

This form is due by 8:30 am the TUESDAY BEFORE changes take effect.

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When changes are processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

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* 1. Changes apply to the following weeks:

For the items below, you only need to enter information for the days that need CHANGES or ADDITIONS. Days left blank will remain as-is in Resource Schedule.  

For the days that need changes, please fill out ALL FIELDS (Teacher Name, Offering Name, Room, A or B, Capacity, and Color/Type).  

Options for Color/Type are:
Yellow  = Enrichment Offering Open to All
Green   = Club
Aqua    = Student Conferencing for Students You Select
Blue     = Instructional Study Hall Open to Students in Courses You Teach (cap. 20)
Purple  = LMC or Computer Lab Space Open to All
Pink     = Quiet or Collaborative Study Hall Open to All (cap. 25)
Tan       = Career Exploration and Development

Thank you!

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