The City’s Neighborhood plans are key components of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan, “Toward a Sustainable Future.” The Comprehensive Plan shapes the future of your neighborhood. Most of the City’s neighborhood plans are 12 years old. It’s time to update the plans so that the Comprehensive Plan reflects current neighborhood priorities.

The Broadview – Bitter Lake – Haller Lake and Rainier Beach neighborhood plans are currently being updated. This update is an important collaboration between community members and City staff. The plans identify priorities that the community and the City should act on to make your neighborhood even. You are the experts on what needs attention, and your ideas will direct the work done over the next year to update these important plans.

What qualities you think are important to keep? What needs our attention? Your answers to this survey will help drive the priorities in your neighborhood plan update. The updated plan will then create an action plan to make your community vision a reality.

This survey is one of several opportunities to get involved over the next year. We look forward to working with you.”