About the Survey

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) would like your input on an important initiative aimed at increasing the attraction and retention of women in tech /digital occupations. As a woman who is/was in a tech or digital role, your insights are invaluable to the success of this initiative.

This initiative aims to deepen ICTC’s gender-based measures and build a more inclusive data/measurement model that captures important indicators. These include pay equity, wage gaps, skills profiles, educational attainment, attrition rates, advancement factors and HR policies, among others. All of these indicators help to create a better picture of opportunities/challenges that will shape an eventual sector-based action plan with partners across the country. ICTC will create a more robust evaluation framework for partners to measure impact and further define the conditions of success for women’s economic security and prosperity.

  • Individual responses to this consultation are strictly confidential!
  • Results, findings, and conclusions will be reported in aggregate only. All individual identifiers will be removed from the final report.
Your participation will help us complete research and inform policies and decisions that benefit women's representation in the Canadian economy.

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