Thank you for taking the time to participate in this meeting survey. Your comments will enable us to better plan and execute future meetings and tailor them to meet your needs.

* 1. How did you first hear or learn about this meeting?

* 2. How important were the following factors in your decision to attend the Joint Mathematics Meetings?

  Not Important Slightly Important Important Very Important N/A
Travel-related costs & logistics
Committee meetings/Governance
Employment/Hiring Opportunities
Making a presentation
Networking Opportunities
Professional Growth & Development/Courses
Scientific (Invited Addresses, Colloquium, Gibbs, Porter, Student Lecture)
Student-related activities
Social Events
Time (of the year)

* 3. Did the meeting fulfill your reason for attending?

* 4. Please indicate your overall satisfaction with this meeting.

  Very dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very satisfied N/A
Abstracts (Booklet, Submission Process)
AMS Short Course
Audio-Visual (Cost and Quality)
Colloquium Lectures
Employment Center Process/Services
Exhibits (Hours, Products, Services)
Food & Drinks (Cost, Quality, Quantity)
Gibbs Lecture
Grad School Fair
Hotels (Costs, Quality, Accessibility)
Housing Process/Services
Internet/Wireless Services
Local (City Appeal)
Location  (Atlanta)
MAA Minicourses
Math Game
Meeting Dates (Time of Year)
Mobile App
Porter Lecture
Poster Sessions
Program Booklet
Registration Processes/Services
Scientific Program
Social (Events, Networking)
Student Activities

* 5. What did you like most about this meeting?

* 6. What about this meeting do you think could be improved?

* 7. Did you visit the exhibits during the meeting?

* 8. How much total money did you spend in the exhibits during the meeting?

* 9. Did you use the mobile app?

* 10. Overall how satisfied were you with the mobile app?

* 11. If you used the mobile app, what additional features would you like to see on it?

* 13. Did you use any child care services during the meeting?

Your answers in the following are strictly optional and will be used only to evaluate customer profiles and meeting value.

* 14. What is your gender?

* 15. What is your occupation? Please choose the category that best applies.

* 16. How much total money did you spend in the hosting city on food and retail, during the meeting?

* 17. How did you pay for the meeting? Pick the answers that best apply.

* 18. Additional comments:

We appreciate your time and cooperation in filling out this survey. Your opinion matters!