Dear Clients of LAMP,

We are asking for your help to evaluate our services and programs.  We want to know what you think about how we are doing and what we could do better.  We want your honest opinions.

This survey is completely anonymous and confidential – your name does not appear anywhere in
results. Whether you choose to answer the survey will not affect the services you receive here.
A summary of results will be made available on our website - look out for it! 

We ask for your feedback once every six months and also if/when you leave a program or stop using one of our services (or program/group participation ends). So any client of LAMP may complete this survey twice per year.

Once you have filled your answers, you may also choose to enter in our monthly draw for a $10.00 gift card! At the end of the survey there is a separate link to the draw requesting contact name, phone number and email.  This link is NOT CONNECTED to your survey and in no way connects to your responses.  A random draw will take place from the gift card link only and you would be contacted if a winner! NOTE: each contact will only qualify once in the associated monthly draw that their survey is

As you answer these questions, please keep in mind all the programs and services you have received from LAMP, unless the question asks you to consider something specific i.e. "in the last 2 weeks" or "at your last visit". 
Please include the following:

  • Appointments and interactions with staff (where you seek individual care) for any service or program (dental, medical etc.)
  • Groups, health fairs and workshops (onsite or offsite at any of our locations)
  • Advisory groups, committees, and action groups
 Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.
We appreciate your feedback.
Questions? Need Help to Complete?
Please contact LAMP's Community Programs Director at 416-252-6471 ext. 299 and we can connect you with someone to assist.