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Am I a good fit for DIV?

We are often asked by potential applicants about whether they are a good fit for DIV. To keep a level playing field, we are unable to provide individualized feedback until we have seen a written proposal. However, promising applications do have some common threads. The most promising ones:

  1. propose approaches that have the potential to be better than existing development practice,
  2. have or will obtain hard evidence of their impact,
  3. have a stellar team, and
  4. have credible plans to reach millions of people at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid (BoP).

To make sure your application is a good fit for DIV, please fill out the following self-screening questionnaire before deciding whether to apply to DIV. If you want to learn more about what we're looking for, click here.

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* 1. DIV supports innovations implemented in developing countries where USAID operates.

My innovation will be implemented in a country wherein which USAID operates.

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* 2. DIV focuses on innovations targeting the “base of the pyramid” (i.e., those earning less than $2 per day). It does not generally fund innovations targeting populations above this level (i.e., the middle class).

My innovation directly benefits the “base of the pyramid.”

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* 3. DIV supports innovations that already have a prototype, proof of concept, or minimal viable product (MVP). DIV rejects most applicants that are only at the ideation/concept stage.

I have already tested a prototype, proof of concept, or minimal viable product (MVP) in a low- or middle-income country.

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* 4. DIV supports innovations with the potential to scale to reach millions of people.

My innovation can realistically impact millions of people a) commercially and/or b) with government, donor, and/or philanthropic support.

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* 5. DIV supports innovations that deliver more development impact per dollar, or are more cost-effective, than other ways of achieving the same objectives.

I can identify what alternatives or competing solutions exist. My innovation is more cost-effective than these other options and I have data to support this claim.

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* 6. DIV specifies which innovations are not a good fit for DIV.

I have read which innovations are not a good fit for DIV and my innovation is a good fit for DIV.

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* 7. DIV rigorously evaluates all applications relative to six evaluation criteria.

I have read all of the evaluation criteria and believe that my innovation addresses all criteria.

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* 8. DIV project teams should demonstrate the expertise and relevant experience needed to execute proposed plans.

My project team has the skills, expertise, and experience necessary to execute our proposed plans.

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