Survey Background

The Association for Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE) is the national association for the volunteer engagement profession, and serves to enhance and sustain the spirit of volunteering by fostering collaboration and networking, promoting professional development, and providing advocacy for leaders in community engagement.

This is a national survey that is designed to reveal the career progression for volunteer engagement professionals, prevailing levels of total compensation, as well as the benefits associated with work-life balance practices within our field.  The results will be published into a report that can be used as advocacy both individually and organizationally and for the profession as a whole.
The 2023 survey has been created in response to member needs and a committee of AL!VE Board of Directors and stakeholders assembled for this project. The survey and results are administered by Creative Management Solutions, Inc. (CMS), a management consulting firm.
Your individual data will remain confidential and will be aggregated by industry, job grouping, and location. AL!VE will promote these results and make available through various mediums (e.g., newsletters, presentations, website).
Please answer the questions that follow as completely and accurately as possible. The survey consists of three sections:
Section 1: Demographic and Employer Information
Section 2: Occupational Grouping and Career Path
Section 3: Compensation and Work-Life Balance
You will have structured question items as well as open-ended questions where you can provide open-ended comments. The survey should take between 15-20 minutes to complete.

Please complete all of your surveys no later than Friday, May 5th, 2023.
Thank you for your participation!
17% of survey complete.