Understanding data flows for the SDGs is of interest to countries, custodian agencies, and several UN agencies.

At the request of the 49th UNSC, the co-chair of IAEG-SDGs and CCSA are preparing implementation guidance for countries and custodian agencies on SDG global data flows  The aim of the exercise is to improve the efficiency and transparency in the production of global statistics for SDGs.  

The results from the UNECE CES pilot study will provide practical suggestions to support this effort, which will be submitted for consideration by the IAEG-SDG and CCSA. 

This is an observational study: we are interested in your actual experiences and opinions.  There are no “right or wrong” answers or situations. We would like your descriptions of your “real life” approaches, challenges, and solutions to providing data for the global SDG indicators.

After a page of general questions on your national organization for SDGs,  the questionnaire is composed of two parts. The first part asks you to describe your data flow processes regarding selected indicators. You can choose which indicators to answer. We also encourage you to answer questions for all of the indicators if it is possible for you.
Type  Indicator  Questionnaire Pages 
Indicators Modeled by Agencies 3.9.1 3-5
 (continued) 11.6.2 7-10
Indicators Where National Statistics are Calculated by Agencies Using Geospatial Information 15.4.2 11-14
A Non-Statistical Indicator Based on a Questionnaire Whose Responses May be Adjusted by the Custodian Agency 5.1.1 15-17
Indicators Where Agencies Use Data Transmitted by .Countries Through a Well-Established Process. 17.2.1 and 17.3.1 18-20
Indicators Where Some National Statistics are Transmitted Already to an Intermediary International Database 6.4.1 and 6.4.2 21-23
Indicators Calculated by the Agency Without a Validation of the National SDGs Focal Point Which Has Been Nominated 3.6.1 and 9.1.2
The second part asks you to describe what worked well and what did not, including possible best practices and way to improve the process.

You can complete this questionnaire by (fillable) PDF or online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y28TDHG. For more information, please contact Ms. Claire Plateau (claire.plateau@insee.fr) or Mr. Övünç Uysal (ovunc.uysal@tuik.gov.tr).

Question Title

* 1. Please indicate your country.

Question Title

* 2. Please briefly describe your government’s process in transmitting national statistics and data on global SDG indicators to Custodian Agencies.

Question Title

* 3. Please describe your national statistical office's role in this process

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* 4. Is a national reporting platform used in this process?

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* 5. Do you anticipate changes in this process within the next 12-24 months?