Growing conditions in Western Canada have impacted many seed growers’ production in the 2021 crop year. To encourage additional pedigreed seed certification, CSGA has: 

       - removed late application and cancellation penalties for Section 2 crop kinds applied for after July 12, 2021; and 

     - expanded the scope of our mechanical impurities research project for cereal crops to reduce the declines of seed crops. 

Growers with carry over seed from previous years are encouraged to list that seed in the provincial seed guides and CSGA’s National Seed Locator by using the “Notice of Carry Over Seed” form available in SeedCert.

CSGA is looking at how to help address potential pedigreed seed shortages in 2022. We are asking seed growers to provide some general information (not variety-specific) to help us understand the scope and scale of production shortages to develop a preliminary picture of potential seed shortages in 2022.

We are interested in hearing from growers across Canada to help develop a complete picture.

CSGA will use your responses to this survey to inform policy direction and the development of options to help address potential shortages of pedigreed seed in 2022. 

Responses to this survey will be held strictly confidential and will be presented to the CSGA Board of Directors in aggregate. Responses will not be shared beyond CSGA’s Board.

The following survey should take no more than 5 to 7 minutes to complete. Your participation is highly valued.

Question Title

* 1. What crop kinds do you produce for pedigreed seed?

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* 2. For each crop kind, what quantity per acre (kgs/bushels) would you expect to harvest in 2021? Please skip if you do not know.

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* 3. Continuing from the above question, please state how these harvested quantities in 2021 compare to your normal yield per acre. Please skip if you do not know.

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* 4. If you have already cleaned some seed from your 2021 crop(s), please state if/how quality and the germination rate differ from your normal quality and germination. 

Please specify if the quality is above or below your average for each applicable crop kind. 

Please skip if you do not know. 

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* 5. If you usually replant your own pedigreed seed, are you expecting a shortage in 2022? If so, which crop kinds?

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* 6. Do you feel you will have sufficient seed to supply all your customers next year? 

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* 8. This is the final question for this survey. If there is any additional information which you would like to share with CSGA regarding seed production in 2021 and seed stocks for 2022, please add your comments below.