Thank you for your interest in being a peer reviewer of educational session proposals for the upcoming NIRSA Annual Conference being held in Orlando, Florida.

The call for proposals closes on July 15, after which you will receive access on July 22 to your review portal to begin the evaluation process. We will ask that each reviewer complete their reviews by August 16, 2024.

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* 1. About you

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* 2. Did you submit a proposal, or are you planning on submitting one?

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Years working as a full-time collegiate recreational professional (after earning your undergraduate degree):

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Subject Matter Expertise

We expect reviewers to have broad knowledge of the field so that they are able to review multiple proposals across several topic areas. We do make every effort to match you to the areas you prefer. However, because there is not always a match between the number of proposals and reviewers for a particular topics area, we sometimes need to assign reviews that are outside of your listed preferences so we can ensure that we have a sufficient number of reviews per proposal, and reviewers are reading a reasonable number of proposals.

If you are assigned a proposal and you believe you cannot adequately review it, just let us know and we can assign it to someone else.

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* 5. Please indicate your area(s) of expertise. Check all that apply.

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Out of all the topics listed above are there any topic areas you would strongly prefer? (please list 1-3 preferences here)

Next steps

Thank you for applying to be a reviewer!

We'll be in touch in mid July to notify you if you have been assigned. You will need to budget between 5-10 hours of time between July 22 - August 16 to review 10-30 proposals. Thank you!