Welcome to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Community Feedback Survey.

Why this survey?  LVMPD wants to hear from its community partners.

The LVMPD vision is to be the safest community in America. Our mission is to serve people, strengthen relationships and improve quality of life.  For us to do the very best for our community, we need to know several things, such as:

1) How well are we doing?
2) Specifically, what could we be doing better?
3) What are your thoughts on crime and the community in general?
Your feedback will help the LVMPD better serve our community. The results of this survey will be compiled, and the results will be provided to the Sheriff for action.

Question Title

* 1. Think of the last time you have had contact with a member of the LVMPD, what was the nature of your contact? (Check the most appropriate answer.)