Are You Ready to Run With It?

Take this self-assessment and find out how closely your organization is to Zappos.

Zappos is a company with a distinctive track record of success attained through consistent application of the five principles over time.  Take an in-depth look at your organization, using this tool as a guide. The most effective use of this tool is to have multiple people complete it (include all levels of employees, customers and vendors or business partners). 

The end-result will be a gauge of where you have strengths and where you stand to improve to reach higher levels of success.  Remember, the Zappos approach may not be the perfect approach for all organizations – but they have certainly proven a demonstrated formula for their success.  

Nobody knows your business better than you. Customize as you need to. 

Directions:  Place a checkmark in the box that best corresponds with how your business meets each factor listed.