Guidelines for Survey into Public Bodies using EO data

Copernicus is a European programme devoted to delivering geo-information for public policy makers throughout the EU. It has a second goal which is to help develop the downstream industry. EARSC is collecting evidence on the benefits of Copernicus for the 2017 mid-term review through this survey and another which addresses the private sector.

In 2013, EARSC completed a comprehensive survey of the EO services industry in Europe and Canada (see “studies” at which included questions concerning Copernicus. A second survey of the industry has been launched, with more detailed questions and which will provide information on the programme impacts on the private sector. This survey for Public Sector Bodies aims to complete the information which will help understand the full impact of the programme.

Many public bodies have a responsibility to supply their governments with the appropriate information for policy decision-making. Given the considerable number of persons engaged in this activity throughout Europe, it is important to understand the scale and scope of the role. With a combined picture of the private and the public sector service providers, we can develop a better understanding of the impact Copernicus is having in Europe and how future policies may be implemented.

This questionnaire is directed at those public bodies which are engaged in the delivery of services based on EO data and information to their governments. It should not take longer than 15 minutes to complete but even if you can only spend 5 minutes providing some of the basic information it will still be extremely useful and will register your organisation amongst the survey statistics.

The survey will be open until end of October and our goal is to publish the results in the winter. A full report will be generated and will be publicly available. EARSC is a non-profit industry association whose interest is to have the appropriate information available to support the industry and policy makers; the results of this survey will not be sold.

If you require any further information or wish to discuss the survey with us then please contact either Monica Miguel-Lago ( or Geoff Sawyer (

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