Generations United annually recognizes excellence in intergenerational programs that are connecting younger and older people in the United States. The Program of Distinction and Program of Merit designations are based on the criteria that underpin the effectiveness of any intergenerational program and are intended to recognize the rich diversity among programs that involve older and younger generations.  
Intergenerational programs are defined here as programs, policies, and practices that increase cooperation, interaction and exchange between people of different generations, allowing them to share their talents and resources, and support each other in relationships that benefit both the individuals and their community. 
New in 2022, there are two levels of recognition: 
Programs of Merit meet the minimum standard of effectiveness.
Programs of Distinction meet a higher standard and provide greater confidence in the program’s sustainability and capacity to achieve targeted outcomes. 
This application allows agencies and programs of any size to assess their intergenerational initiatives and seek national recognition for outstanding work. The application can also be used as a self-assessment tool to help program planners to develop new initiatives or identify areas that can be strengthened within their programs for better outcomes.
Please note: We recommend that you complete and save your application in a separate document before transferring your responses to this online form to avoid losing your work. A downloadable version of the application is available here.
If you need assistance or would like to submit a hard copy of your application, please contact Danica Derriennic
Deadline Extended Applications Due by September 9, 2022  
All information provided in the application and supporting documents is considered confidential and will not be shared outside of the review committee without your expressed permission. 

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Thank you for your interest in Generations United's Intergenerational Program Certification.