* 1. What is your registration type?

* 2. What were the primary reasons why you decided to attend AFDO this year?

* 3. What did you like best about this conference?

* 4. What did you like least about this conference?

* 5. What information did you receive that was most helpful for your conference experience?

* 6. What information did you NOT get that you wish you’d known prior to coming to the conference?

* 7. Did you participate in any of the special events

* 8. Did you learn about the AFDO Committees prior to attending?

* 9. Did you attend any committee meetings?

* 10. Did you join a committee or intend to join in the future?)

* 11. Did you take advantage of the Starbucks gift card as an AFDO networking opportunity to meet a mentor at the AFDO exhibitor booth?

* 12. What is one thing AFDO can do to improve the First Time Attendee conference experience?

* 13. Do you think that an emailed “Welcome Packet”(featuring links to AFDO resources, information about the committees, etc.) would be useful for new members when they join, regardless of whether they are attending the conference?

* 14. Will you return to AFDO in Vermont next summer? Why or why not?

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