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Please carefully read the following and sign at the bottom. Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter called “the Chamber”) acknowledges the following Terms and Conditions for applications made by vendors (hereinafter called “Vendor”) to the 2024 Commercial Street Night Market.

Application and Approval

1. All applications are subject to approval by the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce.

2. Applications must include a description of goods and services to be promoted on site.

3. Food vendors must abide by all current VIHA regulations and must provide a VIHA permit with current decal. You do not need a Nanaimo Food Truck License.

4. Vendors must state the size of food truck, trailer, or cart on the application.

5. Vendors are NOT PERMITTED to change assigned sites.

6. The Site Coordinator reserves the right to reassign sites and relocate vendors as deemed necessary.

*Night Market Coordinator has the reserves the right to terminate your contract

1. The market is a rain or shine event. NO refunds or discounts will be given for poor weather conditions.

2. Full Season Vendors / Food Trucks:
  • Payment is due upon receipt of Invoice to be paid before May 1, 2024. If payment is not made this will result in a forfeit of your spot for the entire season.
  • Full Season Vendors have until May 1, 2024, to cancel their booking. If a cancellation is made after May 13, 2024, but prior to June 12, 2024 a 35$ fee will be charged to the vendor.
  • NO refunds after June 13, 2024 NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
3. Drop-In Vendors:
  • Payment must be made in full prior to the drop in date
  • No refunds, No exceptions


1. Vendors must arrive at their appointed time. This will be emailed to you no later than 48 hours prior to the event date.

2. For traffic control and safety reasons, DO NOT DRIVE / MOVE through ANY roadblocks.

3. Absolutely NO early takedowns permitted. Safety, and market integrity, are imperative and are jeopardized when vendors attempt to pack up and leave early.

4. At the close of the market, first pack up your tent and belongings before going to get your vehicle. You will not be able to gain access to the roadway until 15 minutes after the Market closes.

5. When in need of assistance for any situation, go to the Chamber Booth on site, or find a market attendant in a safety hi-vis vest to assist.

1.    Only the Chamber has the discretion to close the market early or cancel it completely.

2.    Vendors are expected to be respectful and considerate of all others in the market, at all times.  Any vendor acting in an unsafe or disrespectful manner will be at risk of being banned from the market.

3.    Vendors must provide their own tents, tables, chairs, power (generators), etc. Anchored tents with attachable walls are recommended for shelter from extreme weather conditions.

4.    Vendors must keep all belongings within their site boundaries.  Signs and belongings are not to block pedestrian traffic or block the view of your neighbours’ displays.

5.    Vendors are responsible for the cleanliness of their sites and must remove all waste and litter at the end of each market.

6.    Food Vendors: A) appropriate food waste bins will be provided by the market organizers. B) Dumping of waste or leaking of fluids will not be tolerated.

7.    The Chamber, its staff, and its volunteers will NOT be held responsible for injury to vendors, or damage/theft of vendors’ property during any part of the Commercia Street Night Market event.

8.    The market is a non-smoking area.  10 meters from the Market Zone is a required minimum for anyone who wishes to smoke.

9.    Any vendor intending on using a generator for power at the market must advise the Site Coordinator in advance of the market.  Only low noise impact generators will be permitted.  Power is provided to a limited number on Diana Krall Plaza.

10.  Any vendor who does not comply with all of the terms and conditions of the Vendor Rental Agreement risks being refused or evicted at any time during the 2024 event.


1.    The Chamber carries event insurance and all necessary overall business licenses for this event. However, specialized vendors must, at their own expense, procure and maintain all permits, insurance and licenses required to comply with all laws and ordinances affecting the execution of their particular work. This may include food vendors, massage therapists, etc.  The Chamber reserves the right to confirm validity of all permits and licenses.

2.    The registered vendor shall be responsible for all damages, claims, charges, and injuries, including all equipment, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce and its members, organizers, and staff from any such claims and charges including liability arising out of the concessionaires exhibit itself and the actions of the concessionaires’ employees and/or agents.

3.    The Chamber will not be responsible for any items at booths and shall not be responsible for security of individual booths whether the exhibitor’s booth is staffed and open to the public, or not. The Chamber shall not in any event be responsible for care and control of the exhibitor’s equipment and property or the equipment and property of third parties used by the exhibitor, all of which is the sole responsibility of the vendor throughout the Commercial Street Market.

The Vendor declares that it is an independent contractor, and it is solely responsible for all acts or omissions of persons who work in the concession.  The Vendor agrees that it shall not hold itself out as representing the Chamber at any time and shall not contract or incur debt in the name of the Chamber.

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* 12. Do you agree to the Terms and Conditions as they appear in this document?

Confirmation of Attendance: May 1, 2024
Deadline for Payment in Full: May 1, 2024
Cancellation Deadline: May 13, 2024 (full refund)
Final Cancellation Deadline: June 12 2024 ($35 fee)
Cancellations After: June 13 No Refund