Dear SMDM Members,
One key activity of SMDM’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan is to rethink our scientific meeting structures, including new formats, timing, and locations, with the aim to increase access and contact between members. An eight-member task force has been formed and charged to develop options; it is co-chaired by Olga Kostopoulou and Beate Sander, with the following members Robert Beck, Beate Jahn, Lisa Prosser, Alan Schwartz, Victoria Shaffer & Anthony Sunjaya
With meeting venues booked through 2023 (2022 Seattle, 2023 Berlin and Philadelphia), determining frequency and location of meetings is a priority.
Based on initial feedback from the SMDM Strategic Plan Leadership Survey and the SMDM Board, and early discussions with the Task Force, we are considering one international meeting per year. This means not having North American and European meetings in the same year. We are further considering rotating locations across North America (Canada, US, Mexico) and Europe, alternating 2 meetings held in North America with 1 meeting held in Europe.
It would greatly help with our discussions and recommendation to the Board if you could, please, answer the following questions.
[While pondering your response, please consider that a hybrid format will incorporate some online elements (synchronous, asynchronous, interactive, non-interactive) but it will not include full live streaming, as the cost would be prohibitive. The exact hybrid format has not yet been determined.

SMDM Meetings Task Force
Co-Chairs: Beate Sander and Olga Kostopoulou
Members: Robert Beck, Beate Jahn, Lisa Prosser, Alan Schwartz, Victoria Shaffer and Anthony Sunjaya