The Alameda County Probation Department’s Data Analysis Research & Reporting Team (DARRT) provides aggregate data and data trends for adults and juveniles in the form of statistical reports and data extract files.

In order to submit your data request, please fill out the following data request form to the best of your abilities. Please note, certain fields are required in order to complete your request. We will do our best to see that your request is processed in a timely manner. We welcome your requests and feedback.

Fields included in the Data Request Form

  • Purpose of the project (What questions are you trying to answer?)
  • Date parameters (Timeframe: 2012, Fiscal Year 2011/12, Dec 1st – 31st, One day snapshot, etc.)
  • Specific data fields (Population: Juvenile, Adult, Special Population, etc.; Demographic/Geographic: Age range, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, City/Zip, etc.)
  • Date data is needed by (Is this a one-time request or more? If more, how often?)
  • Is this request related to one of the ACPD Strategic Plan Workgroups? (Change Champions, A Team, etc.)
  • Final format the data is needed in (Excel, Word, etc.)

** Please note, individual data is confidential and WILL NOT be distributed to unauthorized requestors. **

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