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Welcome to the Arrow Award Nomination Form from the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC). CPSC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission to shift California’s product waste management system from one focused on government-funded and ratepayer financed waste diversion to one that relies on producer responsibility in order to reduce public costs and drive improvements in product design that promote environmental sustainability.

*Application Deadline: 06/01/2022 @ 5PM*

Arrow Awards Overview
The California Product Stewardship Council recognizes California businesses for outstanding leadership, innovation and partnerships in product stewardship and green design. The Arrow Awards recognize innovative product stewardship programs, outstanding partnerships in product stewardship and serve to inspire organizations to integrate the principles of product stewardship.

You may nominate any business entity (division or facility located in California), third party stewardship organization or non‐profit.
Award Recipient Benefits
- A custom-designed award made of recycled materials by Bay Area artist Ellen Blakeley presented at an awards event attended by more than 700 state and local government representatives, state legislators, and industry representatives at the state's largest waste conference.
- Statewide media coverage
- Organization’s profile on CPSC’s Arrow Awards web page for one year
- Organization’s profile in CPSC’s electronic newsletter, distributed to more than 3,000 viewers
- Organization’s video (if submitted) uploaded to CPSC’s YouTube Channel
- Use of Arrow Awards medallion on organization’s public relations materials
- Ongoing promotion and support from CPSC
- A link from CPSC’s website to award recipients

Award Categories
Green Arrow Award for System and Design Innovations
This award will be given to a company that demonstrates an innovative product, package or system-approach that removes or reduces toxic or other problematic attributes present in other similar products. Examples: citrus cleaners that replace petroleum solvents; refillable packaging vs. one-way disposable; integrated (cradle-to-cradle) approach to providing a product, i.e., prepaid mailer to return product to manufacturer for reuse or recycling.

The Bow and Arrow Award for Coalition Building
This award will be given to a company or group that has excelled in building partnerships and demonstrating the inter-dependence between producers, distributors, retailers, public agencies and other stakeholders. The award may recognize a producer, a group of producers, an industry or trade association, or a stewardship organization that works with public agencies, retailers or other stakeholders to deal with EOL issues.

The Infinity Arrow Award for Service and Take-Back
This award will recognize a retail business, group of businesses, or chain that has initiated an outstanding Take Back program for one or more product as an additional convenience and service to their customers, and works with the producers of those products in developing safe storage and and recovery of EOL products

Overall Excellence Award:  The Golden Arrow Award for Overall Excellence in Product Stewardship *This Award is selected by CPSC from the nominations submitted for the first three award categories*
This award will be given to a company that demonstrates excellence in several aspects of product stewardship, including green design, toxics reduction, packaging reduction, increased reuse, repair, re-manufacture,

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(For example: green design, product take-back, increases product end-of-life collection rates, encourages reuse, recycling, repair, and/or compostability, improves customer convenience for take-back, etc.)

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* 5. If your nomination is selected and the nominee is unable to provide a video acceptance speech, at the CRRA virtual conference August 15-18, are you willing to accept on their behalf?

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