Dear ASBC Member:

The ASBC Technical Committee is tasked with maintaining the Methods of Analysis (MOA)- over 200 peer reviewed methods exclusively available to membership.  New methods are continually being added to the MOA. These methods are suggested by members, reviewed by Technical Committee, evaluated by a multi-laboratory collaborative study and then results of the study are published in the ASBC Journal. If the results are judged acceptable, the method is then published in the ASBC Methods of Analysis.

Two new methods are currently being evaluated for inclusion in the MOA:
1) Acetaldehyde by spectrophotometer (enzyme kit)
2) Sulfite (Total SO2) determination by 5,5'-dithiobis-(2-nitrobenzoic acid) (DTNB)

We would like to know if you are running these assays currently and if you would be willing to consider helping out with a collaborative study. Please take a couple minutes to fill out this brief survey. Thank you for your time.


Robert Fulwiler
Chair- ASBC Innovative Methods Subcommittee

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* 1. Does your lab currently measure acetaldehyde in beer?

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