Thank you for taking the time to provide public comment about goliath grouper management in Florida state waters. The survey below is identical to the questions asked during the Clicker Question/Response Session at each of the goliath grouper workshops. These questions are designed to allow FWC staff to develop a better understanding of what stakeholders think about and want for goliath grouper management. Please select the answer that best applies to you or best reflects your thoughts or opinions. If you do not want to answer or if none of the possible answers apply to you, please do not select an answer.

* 1. Choose the option that best describes you?

* 2. How do you most frequently interact with goliath grouper?

* 3. In which area of the state do you most often interact with goliath? (Do not answer if this does not apply to you)

* 4. I am most interested in goliath grouper because…

* 5. To me, goliath grouper are…(select the answer that best applies)