ICP NMD Survey on Transition from children's  to adult services in Ireland

The Integrated Care Pathway for children and families with a Neuromuscular Disorder (ICP NMD) project team are looking for your opinion about transition from children’s to adult services. MDI has continued to support our project in 2018 and is represented on our ICP NMD project team. We are delighted that MDI are supporting and promoting our survey on transition from children's to adult services.

It is important that your expertise as a person with NMD, a parent, or a caregiver is captured and used to develop supports for transition from children's to adult services as part of this project.  We want to hear your thoughts, based on your own experience, of what should be in place for young people and their families in preparation for transition and during transition itself.  The survey below asks your opinion of what should be in place at each stage of transition

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion.

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* 1. Are you:

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* 2. What stage of Transition to adult services have you reached?