Status of the Artist Survey and Report

Peterborough Artist Survey

Background Information: What do We Want to Know and Why?


The “Peterborough Artist Survey” is the first-ever survey of the social and economic conditions of professional artists living in Peterborough and the surrounding region.  While the current era is one of precarious employment in general, economic precarity in the arts seems particularly acute.  The Status of the Artist in Peterborough Project is a partnership between the Electric City Culture Council (EC3) and Precarious: Peterborough ArtsWORK Festival, in collaboration with the Trent Community Research Centre.  This survey aims to gather the facts and figures we need to know and to better understand the real working situation of local artists. This information will be made publicly available when the project is complete. EC3 and other groups seeking to advance the arguments for support to local artists need information to strengthen their case.  The results of this survey will inform proposed strategies to make a difference.

The survey will be launched during the Precarious Festival kick-off on October 25th at the Sapphire Room, 4-7pm. You can complete the survey anytime online at, or come to any of the Survey Soirées during the festival.  The Precarious Festival runs throughout the month of November, with Survey Soirée events on November 8, 10, and 13 at the Theatre on King. More information about the festival is available HERE. The survey closes on Friday December 15, 2017.

It won’t take long to fill out the survey. Please try to complete all the questions. This information is vital to better knowing and understanding what it means to be an artist in our region. Survey results will form the basis of a Report that assesses the information provided, creates a snapshot of the current climate for artists and their work locally, and proposes initiatives to improve “the status of the artist”.

For information and resources on Status of the Artist research and legislation, please check the EC3 WEBSITE.

All individual survey results are confidential and information will be used only for the Status of the Artist in Peterborough Report.

When you fill out the survey, your name (if you provide your email) will automatically be entered into a draw to win one of 10 great prizes.

Thank you for supporting this important initiative.  The Report is expected to be finished in March 2018 and we look forward to sharing the results with you.  We see this survey as a first step in a larger process of consultation and action.

 If you have questions or require further information, please contact Su Ditta at:

Kate Story, Co-Artistic Director, Precarious Festival  
Su Ditta, Executive Director, EC3

* 1. How old are you?

* 2. What is your marital status?

* 3. If you support a family, how big is your family?

* 4. Where do you live?

* 5. How long have you lived here?

* 6. What is your postal code?

* 7. If you have artistic work space separate from your living space, what is that space’s postal code?

* 8. The following set of questions is designed to give a picture of the constitution of Peterborough’s artistic community, so that comparisons can be made with the Peterborough population as a whole; the intention is to gather information so that gaps in artistic support and production, if any, can be more effectively addressed.

What is your current gender identity? (Please check all that apply)

* 9. Do you identify as:

* 10. Do you identify as an Indigenous artist?

* 11. If yes, do you identify as:

* 12. Do you identify as an artist who is:

* 13. Are you an artist who identifies as Deaf or hard of hearing?

* 14. Are you living with any of the following? Please check all that apply.

* 15. What is/are your artistic discipline(s)?

* 16. How long have you worked as a professional artist?

* 17. Arts Information
We define a professional artist as someone who has developed skills through education, training or practice, is recognized by other artists working in the same artistic tradition as a professional, has a history of public presentation or publication of their work, receives payment for their work and actively practices their art.

Do you identify as a professional artist?

* 18. Would you describe yourself as an emerging, mid-career or established artist?

Emerging: You have completed and presented, exhibited, published, performed etc., at least one professional art work to the public (student work not included).
Mid-career: You have completed and presented, exhibited, published, performed etc., at least three professional art works to the public. You have been practising for at least five years.
Established: You have completed and presented, exhibited, published, performed etc., at least five professional art works to the public. You have been practising for at least 15 years.

* 19. Education

What is the highest degree or level of formal education you have completed?

* 20. Do you have specialized training in the arts?

* 21. If so what kind?

* 22. Financial Information

What was your total annual income before taxes during the past 12 months? 

* 23. Approximately what percentage of your annual income comes directly from your work as a professional artist?  If it varies from year to year, estimate an average over the past 3 years.

* 24. Where does your artistic income come from?

* 25. What percentage of your artistic income covers your living expenses?

Please estimate by thinking about your total living expenses and what percentage is covered by these sources in relationship to your total earned income.

* 26. Do you receive financial support from a partner or other family members?

* 27. Do you work for pay outside of your practice as a professional artist?

* 28. If yes, do you work in other aspects/sectors of the arts?

* 29. What percentage of your time do you spend on your creative labour? Estimate including research, development (seeking funding), creation, production/presentation/exhibition.

* 30. if you work outside the arts, in what sectors?

* 31. Production Costs

Do you pay rent for a studio, rehearsal space, office; and/or spend funds on materials and other production costs for your artistic work?

* 32. Do you own your own home?

* 33. If no, do you rent?

* 34. What percentage of your total income is spent on accommodation/housing?

* 35. Benefits

What benefits do you have?

* 36. Initiatives to advance the Status of the Artist in Peterborough

Please rank each of these on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the least important and 5 being the most important.

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Municipal grants to individual artists
Arm’s length, peer assessment processes
Support for local access to secondary-school-level education in the arts
Support for local access to post-secondary education in the arts
Increased operating funding to local arts organizations
Increased project funding
Incentives to landlords on studio space and other cultural facilities rentals
Group health insurance
Cultural hubs
Prizes and awards
Artist in Residence programs
Basic income guarantee
Physical/social accessibility to art spaces

* 37. Other Comments:

* 38. Ongoing Research

Are you willing to participate in additional research?

* 39. Optional/Prize Draw

Thank you!