Hingham School Renaming Survey

Dear Hingham Community,

The new elementary school that will replace the current Foster School is set to open next fall. At this time, we are taking suggestions from the community for names of the new school building. We want to hear from all of you so please share this survey with your family members, coworkers, peers, or friends.

We will complete two rounds of surveys. The first, which is below, is the preliminary survey for which we will collect suggested names. The results will be shared with the school committee later this fall. After narrowing the names, we will then initiate a second survey to provide the school committee feedback on the narrowed list of names.

Once a name has been identified, the school committee submits a warrant article to the Selectboard to be considered for a vote at the Spring Town Meeting. Town bylaw states that naming a municipal building requires approval by Town Meeting.

Please include your name, role, suggested school name, and your reasoning for your choice. Please make your reasoning as detailed as possible so that we may fully understand the importance of your suggestion. The survey will be open through Monday, October 30th. 

We appreciate your time and thank you for your participation in this exciting process!

Hingham Public Schools

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* 3. Please share your suggested name for the new elementary school.

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* 4. Share your reasons for your suggested name.