Welcome to the voting for the 2023 Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Awards

Voting is now open for the 2023 Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain (AFLAS) Awards.
As ever, the awards are designed to honour the respective winning organizations for demonstrating leadership as well as consistency in service quality, innovation, customer-relationship management and reliability. We welcome your input in helping to determine this year’s winners.

Following the nomination round, the names of up to eight nominees have been shortlisted for almost all the award categories.

Please take a few minutes to vote for your choice of winner. The winners will be announced at our awards ceremony in September 2023 in Singapore. As a voter, we will email you an ecopy of Asia Cargo News, which will contain the full results.

Many thanks in advance for voting, and I look forward to your continued participation in the 2023 AFLAS Awards.

Best regards,
Darren Barton