Feedback Survey

Paradise Park is the cornerstone for our Town’s outdoor recreational spaces and we want to include the right balance of amenities, features and programming for years to come. To do that, we are developing a Master plan for Paradise Park and want to hear from you!
As Paradise continues to grow, it’s important that our facilities, programs and services are meeting the needs of all residents. The Town wants to ensure that Paradise Park continues to serve the community in the best way possible.
The Town is working with Mills & Wright Landscape Architecture develop the Paradise Park Master Plan. That work involves getting input from residents, community groups, and other stakeholders. What are your ideas and priorities for the future of Paradise Park? Your feedback will directly inform the plan so that the park remains a key community attraction in the future.

Please note that this survey is confidential and individual responses will not be presented. Thank you for your interest in this exciting project for Paradise.

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