Welcome to the Perry County Farmer Survey

This survey is being conducted by the Perry County Economic Development Authority, in collaboration with Kitchen Table Consultants, as part of a project to develop a concrete and actionable Agricultural Plan for Perry County.

We are exclusively seeking responses from farmers in Perry County. Your feedback is critical to ensure this plan has a meaningful and positive impact on Perry County farmers, like yourself.

We want to learn about you and your farm and understand your perspective on the future of your farm and Perry County. Your responses will directly help shape the future of agriculture in your County.

It should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. We understand how busy you are and greatly appreciate your time and honest responses. To thank you for your time, you will have the option to enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card at the end of the survey.

All responses are 100% confidential and anonymous. Summary results will be shared publicly at http://perrycountyeda.com/farmer-survey. Questions or concerns about this survey can be directed to Noah@KitchenTableConsultants.com or by calling (617) 833-2417.

Thank you,
Jen Brodsky and Noah Munro
Kitchen Table Consultants

Question Title

* 1. Are you the primary operator of a farm in Perry County?

(The farm operator is the person who runs the farm, making the day-to-day management decisions. The operator could be an owner, hired manager, cash tenant, share tenant, and/or a partner. If the land is rented or worked on shares, the tenant or renter is the operator.