The goal of the Social Determinants of Health: Social Needs Screening and Referral measure is that CCO members have their social needs acknowledged and addressed.
Starting in Measurement Year (MY) 2023, Component 1 of the measure assesses CCOs’ action plans to ensure social needs screening and referral is implemented in an equitable and trauma-informed manner. It also ensures CCOs lay the groundwork for data sharing and reporting as required in Component 2.

As stated in the measure specifications, CCOs must attest to all required components of the measure that took place as of December 31 of the measurement year. CCOs must complete all of the required must-pass items for the measurement year. No partial credit will be given.

The following questions attest to completing the nine must-pass elements for MY 2023. CCOs have the option to describe or attach example activities they completed for each must-pass element.

Please review each question and answer accordingly for your CCO.
6% of survey complete.