Shiitake Awards 2017

This is the ninth year for the Shiitake Awards, the annual award show that highlights the worst of the worst among those who attempt to exploit sex offender panic for personal gain. There are 9 categories, including the worst state, new law, and story, in addition to categories for news media, politicians, police, and "everyday zeroes." This year's special category is "Shitpost Signage," spotlighting the dumbest sign poster of 2017. 

This is a projct by The only requirement for participation in this survey is a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at the stupidity of our fellow humans. "Winners" (losers) will be announced on our annual Shiitake Awards show on Youtube. 

Please vote and share to make this the best year ever for the annual awards!

* 1. Which law/ bill do you consider the dumbest new law/bill of 2017?

* 2. Which news reporter do you consider the worst/ dumbest news mutt of 2017?

* 3. Which politician do you consider the worst pol of 2017?

* 4. Which quote do you consider the worst of 2017?

* 5. Which signposter is the top Shitpost Signposter of 2017?

* 6. Which regular citizen most deserves our "Everyday Zeroes" Award of 2017?

* 7. Holy Shiitakes!  Which story is the dumbest SO-related news story of 2017?

* 8. Which LEO deserves to be Keystone Kop of the Year 2017?

* 9. Last question. Which state do you consider the dumbest of 2017?