Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful participation in this survey. At IDA, it is our goal to empower urban place managers to shape and activate their city centers. Your feedback, as an organization and city builder who used to be a member of IDA, is valuable to us as we strive to bring the tools and resources you need to be dynamic place enhancers.

Our aim is to collect your thoughts and opinions to better serve you in the future. This survey should take 10-15 minutes. Please be assured that all answers will be kept anonymous and will not be used or published outside of IDA.In the event that you are interested in providing additional feedback or being entered to win 1 of 5 complete printed sets of the 2016 IDA Top Issues Councils reports there will be an opportunity to provide your email address at the end of this survey. A full set (hard-copy) is 6 reports valued at $400 on topics including activating public space, maintaining authenticity, downtown residential, attracting commercial investment, successful partnerships for place management, and pedestrian improvements. 

* 1. How long were you a member of IDA:

* 2. Which of the following best aligns with your current role within your organization?

* 3. What was the one thing IDA could provide to help you do your job better?

* 4. What reasons did you, or your organization, have for joining IDA (rank in order of importance):

* 5. When you were a member, the value you received for your IDA membership was:

* 6. What reason(s) did you or your organization have for cancelling your membership with IDA?

* 7. How important was IDA as a resource for your:

  Extremely important Important Somewhat important Not at all important
Individual professional development
Organizational business intelligence
Board engagement
Outreach with local stakeholder groups

* 8. How likely is it that you recommend IDA to a friend or colleague who works in or with other place management organizations?

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