Public Questionnaire

The City of Westwood is working in coordination with the City of Roeland Park, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County-Kansas City, Kansas, and the Mid-America Regional Council to study improvements to 47th Street between Mission Road and Rainbow. This planning effort is exploring ways to make the 47th Street corridor safer, more inviting, and more attractive for all users, as well as public improvements that can support existing and future businesses. Please share your feedback on early design concepts to improve 47th Street.

* 1. What issues are most important to address in the 47th Street Corridor? (please check all that apply.)

For more information about issues identified in the September 2017 Walk & Talk event, please click here.

* 2. What street design features would you like to see incorporated into an improved 47th Street corridor? (Please check all that apply.) 

For more details on each option, please click here.