TeleGeography 2022 Enterprise WAN Manager Survey

This survey is designed to collect data about your wide area network (WAN). The results will help you compare your WAN strategy to your colleagues around the globe. The survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

These questions are aimed at IT professionals who work directly with the design, architecture, sourcing, and management of corporate WANs. Your answers need not be deeply detailed or researched. We want to capture basic information about your network to compare broadly across companies.

We will only publish data you provide in aggregate form and will not reveal your name or your company's name as a participant. Once we've analyzed surveys from all respondents we will send you the entire detailed report in exchange for your time and answers. In addition, we will mail you a free TeleGeography telecom infrastructure wall map as a thank you.

Question Title

* 1. Does your day-to-day job involve designing, managing, or sourcing your company’s wide area network (WAN) or IT infrastructure that connects corporate offices and locations to each other, data centers, and cloud services?