While Federal regulations allow homeowners to grow up to 4 cannabis plants (with federally provided seeds), provinces and municipalities can put additional restrictions around those laws. For example, the Province of Manitoba and Rocky View County are not allowing residential cannabis growing at all.

The City intends to create a bylaw that allows regulated residential growth. The intention is to help inform future homebuyers and ensure City safety code standards. Municipal bylaws and regulations can be created to allow for a balance between constitutional rights and the health and safety of the community. 

The list of cannabis cultivation license holders will not be published but will be available if a resident wishes to file a FOIP request to obtain the licenses issued for a property. The list will be available to emergency services upon request.

As we begin preparing this bylaw, we would like your feedback on this topic. Please take the survey below to share your thoughts.

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* 1. Are you in favour of requiring licenses for those who wish to grow cannabis in their home?

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* 2. How long do you believe a cannabis cultivation license should be valid for?

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* 3. As with any regulation, there are costs associated (e.g. administration and processing). Do you believe that license applicants should have to cover the entire cost of the process or should the license application costs be capped to ensure it is accessible?

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* 4. Please include any additional comments you have about the proposed Cannabis Cultivation Bylaw and licensing residential cannabis cultivation:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Results will be provided to staff and Council for consideration before they review the proposed Bylaw on December 4.