Centennial Park Outdoor Spaces Survey

The Public Survey will help inform a community driven Centennial Park Revitalization and Concept Plan initiative aimed at enhancing park facilities and amenities and guiding park stewardship into the future.

Parks provide places for people to gather, exercise, socialize, play, celebrate, and enjoy. They are places to reconnect with the outdoors and are extensions of communities that contribute significantly to community identity and the individuals’ connections within it.

Centennial Park is located behind the East Lambton Community Complex at 61 Centennial Ave., Watford, ON.

As identified in the 2023 Parks and Recreation Business Plan, staff are looking for your input on the parks and recreation needs and priorities for Centennial Park. The purpose of this initiative is to identify opportunities to enhance the park space and develop a plan that meets the communities needs and identifies priorities for capital investment.

The survey will gather information about current park usage, suggested improvements, opportunities and shape a park plan to better reflect current demands of the park space.

A driving factor to this plan will be the future of the closed BMX Bike Park.

Who's Listening 
Ryan Chamney 
Parks and Recreation Manager, Township of Warwick 
Email: rchamney@warwicktownship.ca