1. CSIRO Research Project on Management and Operational issues in greywater and stormwater systems

Thankyou for participating in this research project on the management and operational issues in greywater and stormwater systems. Within CSIRO, the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is working with governments, industries and communities to develop the knowledge needed to substantially improve the way we use and manage water.

The bulk of the research consists in distributing an online survey to the managers and operators of greywater or stormwater systems from any kind of agency (local government, water utility, private company, private end-user etc.) By participating in this project you are helping to further our understanding and knowledge into promoting decentralized greywater and stormwater systems. By further understanding the management of greywater and stormwater systems it is hoped that we will be able to support the growth of these alternative water supply systems. The survey should take around 15 minutes. All information given in this survey will remain confidential and participants are free to withdraw their information at any time.

My name is Tim Naylor and I am an industrial researcher in the Land and Water Department at the CSIRO. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me. My contact details are provided on page 4 of this survey. Thankyou again for your time.

Best Regards,

Tim Naylor
Land & Water Division
Email: tim.naylor@csiro.au
Telephone: 92526375

Before filling in the survey please first read the following:

By filling in and returning this survey you provide consent to participate in the study. Information gathered in this survey will not be disclosed to other parties in any way that would disclose your identity. This study is part of a project which is fully funded by the CSIRO with no other external income or in-kind support from private or government stakeholders. This survey has been reviewed and approved in accordance with CSIRO’s Human Research Ethics Policy. Any concerns regarding the conduct of this survey should be directed to csshrec@csiro.au .