Survey Introduction

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Thank you for participating in our 2024 Sabbatical & Well-Being Poll.

Dr. Christina Maslach, professor of psychology at UC Berkeley, author of "The Burnout Challenge: Managing People's Relationships With Their Jobs," and DFA signature seminar speaker, has indicated that high job demands coupled with low resources over a long period of time can lead to burn-out. To this end, our poll strives to understand various ways organizations foster well-being by providing critical resources to prevent chronic stress and structures to manage job demands, with a deep dive into sabbaticals.

The poll responses will be used to inform our research and recommendations in this area. Members and poll participants will be invited to attend a symposium to discuss sabbaticals and well-being best practices based on our poll results, research, industry trends and literature reviews. The poll responses will be analyzed and aggregated, and responses will be kept confidential.

If you have any questions, please contact Sejal Shah, Director, Leadership Initiatives at
  • The poll should be completed by individual(s) responsible for overseeing the organization's workplace flexibility, leave, well-being or talent/human resources initiatives. Each organization should submit only one completed poll online.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Each organization is responsible for maintaining a separate copy of the organization's responses for its records. A PDF or Word version of the poll can be obtained for this purpose, but all participating organizations must submit their final survey responses using the online poll.
  • Poll responses can be edited at any time prior to final submission if the same computer and web browser are being used (the poll platform stores a cookie in the respondent's browser that remembers the poll responses). Please note that the poll platform saves responses on a page only after "Next" is selected; if the browser is closed before a page is completed, any data entered will be lost.
  • Do not hit "Submit" or "Done" until all responses are complete and final, as you may not be able to re-enter the poll once the poll has been submitted. If you would like a PDF copy of your draft responses for final proofing before submission, please contact the Alliance's Director of Leadership Initiatives, Sejal Shah, at
  • Need Help or Want a Copy of Your Final Submission? Please contact the Alliance’s Director of Leadership Initiatives, Sejal Shah, at
Thank you for participating!