PGE Parks and Recreation

PGE Parks and Recreation is conducting a survey of trail users to assist in planning the maintenance and management of the Timothy Lake trails now and in the future.  Click for a map of Timothy Lake.

* 1. How often do you use the trails at Timothy Lake? 
(In season, between May and September.)

* 2. Where do you typically park to access the Timothy Lake trails?

* 3. What is your primary activity on the Timothy Lake trails?    

* 4. On average, how far do you travel on the Timothy lake trails when you're out?

* 5. On a typical outing, what Timothy Lake trails do you use?

* 6. Have you had any conflicts with other users on the Timothy Lake Trails?

* 7. If so, what type(s) of user have you had conflicts with?

* 8. If so, on what section(s) of the trail have you had conflicts?

* 9. Please describe what happened.

* 10. Do you have any other comments relating to the trails at Timothy Lake?