Mentoring Award Nomination Survey

Instituted in 2019, this award recognizes the work of individuals who, or organizations that, have exhibited a sustained commitment to mentoring linguists.  Specific types of mentoring to be considered include assisting mentees to present and publish their work, and to find financial aid;  providing career guidance;  providing support, encouragement, and essential strategies for life in the linguistics community; and demonstrating continued interest in the mentee’s professional advancement.  Particular emphasis will be placed, when considering nominations, on mentoring a diverse pool of mentees; sustained mentoring efforts over many years; and mentoring of early career linguists.  Nominations of women and underrepresented ethnic minorities are especially encouraged. 

Next Nomination Deadline
A preliminary nomination consisting of the nominee's name, CV (for individuals) and/or website URL, must be received no later than August 1, 2021. The purpose of a preliminary nomination is to alert the Awards Committee of your intent, and to offer early assistance in helping you prepare a successful nomination. Following receipt of a preliminary nomination, you will be contacted directly with additional details about the kinds of assistance available. Preliminary nominations must be submitted no later than August 1 to allow sufficient time for assistance to be offered in preparing a final nomination.

Any individual, regardless of LSA membership status, or organization meeting the the nomination criteria is eligible to receive this award.

Final Nomination Form
In the final nomination form, you will be asked to address the following areas. For each area, you will be asked to provide the information requested or explain why it does not apply to this nomination. Be aware that failure to address one or more of the areas may negatively impact your nomination. Note also that you will need to fill the information into the online form; a .pdf cannot be uploaded (except for letters of support).

- description of mentorship activities and research; mentor programs and activities; target audiences; and outcomes where appropriate
- where appropriate, indication of how the nominee’s work resulted in departmental and/or institutional change in terms of the granting of degrees to underrepresented students
- list of individuals mentored
-  letter(s) of support from colleagues (for individuals) or stakeholders (or organizations).  Letters may take the following, mutually exclusive, form:  a) ONE letter, maximum length THREE pages, from the nominator, signed by the lead nominator and optional additional nominators, and including optional statements from other nominators and/or from mentees; b) TWO letters, maximum length TWO pages each, the first a letter from the nominator, signed by the lead nominator and optional additional nominators, and including optional statements from other nominators, and the second a document containing statements supplied by mentees.

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