* 1. Our Mission:  “…The leading source of information and a focal point for our community, providing access to resources and programs that educate, entertain, and inspire.”

This is a list of programs and services at Lincoln Twp. Library.  Please review the list and answer the 4 questions that follow the list.


a.      Weekly story times for all ages (7 offered regularly each week).

b.      Book clubs (for all ages - six in all - one favorite regularly mentioned by patrons is the Tales you can Taste with its cooking tie in).

c.       Teen Advisory Board (teens choose and plan programs; meet monthly).

d.      Special Needs Story time (catering to those who are different-abled).

e.      Books from Birth (a packet to help parents/caregivers start off right by reading to babies).

f.        Digital Literacy Courses (learn about new technologies).

g.      Cardmaking workshops (people love to make cards they can use).


a.      Doorstep Program (bringing library materials to people who can't come to the library).

b.      Kindles (people can take home a tablet and try out an e-Reader and the library's digital collection).

c.       Digital collection (available when the library isn't open).

d.       Explore Kits (backpacks with books, activities, and games to check out and take home).

e.       Fax Services (yes, you can send/receive faxes at the library).

f.        Book Club in a Bag (check out enough copies of a book for your entire book group).

g.       Study rooms and spaces (ever popular).

h.       Rosetta's House (our early literacy play space - play with purpose).

The 3 highest quality programs or services are:

* 2. The 3 lowest quality programs or services are:

* 3. The 3 most important programs or services are:

* 4. The 3 least important programs or services are:

* 5. What new initiatives, services or programs would you like to see Lincoln Township Library offer?

* 6. If you could make two changes that would really improve Lincoln Township Library’s service, what would they be?

* 7. Please list any additional comments that are important for Lincoln Township Library to consider during its planning efforts.