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In 2016, one of Q Shelter’s founders and lifelong members, Deirdre Coghlan, passed away. In honour of her memory, Q Shelter established a bursary to help those in the housing and homelessness sector access professional development they might otherwise miss out on. 

Each year Q Shelter provides up to $5,000 in bursary payments to applicants. Usually, this amount has been split amongst several applications. Q Shelter has distributed $25,000 in bursary payments since 2017. 

Deirdre firmly believed that housing was a human right and was passionate about helping those in the sector gain skills in: 

→ Community development 
→  Advocacy 
→ Grassroots and lived experience engagement 
→ Challenging structural and systemic issues 

If you or your organisation are a Q Shelter member you are eligible to apply for the bursary if you need special funding to grow your skills in one of these areas. Applications close 1 October 2022.

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