Welcome to the Gravois-Jefferson survey for residents!

 In collaboration with local elected officials, neighborhood organizations and other community stakeholders, we are facilitating a community-driven planning process for the Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods: the area defined by Gravois on the north, Meramec on the south, Grand on the west and Jefferson on the east (see below).

What is a Community Plan?
It is a public document which contains specific proposals for future development and public improvements in a given community. Based off engagement with local residents and community leaders, it provides policies and a long-range physical development guide for elected officials and citizens engaged in community development. Over the next year, we will be working with people like you to develop this plan.

Typical elements found in a community plan include: land use, transportation, urban design, public facilities and services, natural and cultural resources, economic development, racial equity, social services, housing, public policy, governance and more.
Community Engagement: The area is home to approximately 17,000 residents, diverse in age, race and socio-economic status. Local civic organizations, churches, schools and local businesses will be to not only engage residents in the planning process, but also to build their power and ability to steward the Gravois-Jefferson Plan into the future.

Why should I fill this survey?
This project is a participatory effort to target the challenges and identify the strengths of our neighborhoods. The survey is an important part of this process: first, it is a way to reach out to the residents and inform them about the Community Plan; second, it is a way to collect information. By gathering feedback, we
make sure this plan represents the needs of the community.
By filling this survey, not only will you learn about the extension of this project, but you will also be part of it. It is an opportunity to tell us about yourself, the challenges faced by your household, your home and your neighborhood, and finally, to inform us what you think are the best approaches to address these issues.

Please take 10 minutes to fill this survey. Thank you!

(The questions and propositions in this survey are based on the ideas and remarks that residents expre

Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Planning Area

Gravois-Jefferson Historic Neighborhoods Planning Area