1. Introduction

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Comments on Hydropower and Long-Term Contracts in the Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States

Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), administrator of the Green-e® programs, seeks your review and feedback on two areas of the Green-e® Renewable Energy Standard for Canada and the United States (the "Standard").

Section 1: Hydropower eligibility.  In response to stakeholder input, CRS has reviewed the Green-e® Energy hydropower criteria and seeks input on potential changes to the criteria to better align with the sustainable hydropower industry.  We have consulted with the Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI), members of the Green-e® Governance Board and other entities to bring together these questions for input from industry participants and affected parties.

Section 2: Long-term contracts.  Green-e® would like your thoughts regarding a potential change to the Standard's Long-Term Contract Eligibility Exception language. The Green-e® Governance Board has received a request to consider extended use of utility green electricity program’s dedicated facilities beyond the 15-year new date window. CRS seeks input on this potential change and feedback on possible limitations and impacts.

If you would like to review the current Standard or the survey questions prior to continuing with the survey, please visit the Green- Energy Documents page at https://www.green-e.org/programs/energy/documents (Opens in a new window)

Feedback on both topics will be accepted until 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time on Monday, June 3, 2019. You may submit feedback through the following survey or by emailing written comments to comments@green-e.org using the subject "Hydro / New Date Comments". If you are submitting written comments, please review the survey PDF linked above for the specific questions on which we are seeking feedback.

CRS will bring any feedback from this comment period to the Green-e® Governance Board to guide their decision-making regarding any updates to the Standard or edits to draft language, and as needed, for subsequent stakeholder comment periods on the same subject matter released at a later date.

Posted on April 3, 2019

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