1. Invitation to The European Network of Uropathology (ENUP)

Dear colleague,

We would like to invite all European pathologists with an interest in urological pathology to sign up to become members of The European Network of Uropathology (ENUP) by filling out the short form below. ENUP is a non-profit organisation and works as a network for communication rather than a formal society. We do not take any member fees. We currently have approximately 380 members in 15 European countries but aim to reach an even better coverage among European pathology departments including academic departments, community hospitals and private laboratories. To become a member you only need to be a practicing pathologist (M.D.).

We founded ENUP in 2006 and there is a need to update member information, including hospital affiliation etc.

The purpose of ENUP is to get a route for dissemination of relevant information such as guidelines, consensus documents, society information, courses, grants etc. for uropathology. We regularly conduct web-based surveys on how uropathology is practiced in Europe. The results of these surveys are compiled and sent back to the network participants in order to give immediate feedback. Hopefully, the survey results may give a better picture of how uropathology is practiced in Europe and it is our hope that this will make it easier to issue formal guidelines and also be a support for you in your daily practice.

When we email to the members (so far done from lars.egevad@ki.se), we use email subjects (headings) such as:
ENUP/Survey invitation
ENUP/Survey results
so the participants can quickly identify the emails as ENUP information.

We are aware of the concerns that people may have about privacy and the risk of spamming. Therefore, we will not spread the address list to others than the board members listed at the end of this email. The email addresses will always be suppressed in group emails. The email list will not be forwarded to congress secretariats, commercial interests or other societies. Whenever you change your address or wish to be removed from the list, please email to:


Finally we wish you welcome to ENUP and hope that you will find this service useful!

With kind regards,

Lars Egevad (Coordinator of ENUP)
Stockholm, Sweden

Daniel M Berney
London, UK

Eva Compérat
Paris, France

Ondřej Hes
Plzen, Czech Republic
hes@medima.cz, hes@fnplzen.cz

Glen Kristiansen
Bonn, Germany

Muralidharan Varma
Cardiff, UK

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