This survey seeks information on A) workplace conduct you have experienced and B) workplace conduct you have witnessed at your SUNY campus or health sciences center.

Response times vary greatly depending on experiences and the level of detail shared. In a recent pilot of the survey, respondents who had little to report found it took 10-12 minutes. Those who chose to share more experiences and observations took 20 to 30 minutes.

The survey is anonymous; the intent is to better understand your perceptions and experiences, NOT to identify individuals. No individual's results will be reported separately.  While a version of this survey is available for smartphones, the survey may ask you to type explanations and/or lengthier responses. As a result, it is easier to complete on a tablet or personal computer.  Please note -- to ensure anonymity, there is no way to pause and later resume completing or retroactively edit your responses once you have closed the survey.  You may be more comfortable taking this survey on a personal computer that is not attached to a state-owned network.

We anticipate that the results of this survey will inform future reports and initiatives on how best to address workplace conduct issues. If you have any questions or concerns, or would prefer to receive a hard copy of the survey, please contact Jamie Dangler, UUP Vice President for Academics at 1-800-342-4206 or

This survey is intended for UUP Professionals and Academics in all categories of employment: part-time and full-time contingent employees and those with tenure/permanence.

Question Title

* 1. Based on your experiences, in general, your SUNY workplace is...

  Always or Almost Always Frequently Occasionally Rarely or Never

Question Title

* 2. Based on your knowledge and experiences at SUNY, how often do you feel that each of the following occurs?

  Always or Almost Always Frequently Occasionally Rarely or Never
The people I work with treat each other with respect.
I can rely on the people I work with when I need help to accomplish my work.
Conflicts are resolved fairly.
Employees feel comfortable disagreeing with each other.
Subordinates are comfortable disagreeing with supervisors/administrators.
Hostile behaviors are tolerated.
Demeaning behaviors are tolerated.
There is trust among employees.
There is trust between subordinates and supervisors/administrators.
Differences of opinion are encouraged.

Question Title

* 3. Did you retire from SUNY more than 2 years ago?