The City of Windsor is in the process of exploring how it can better provide services and support for residents and staff through a new Digital Modernization Review.

The Project

The City is currently working with StrategyCorp, a Toronto-based consultancy that works extensively with municipalities in Ontario, to look at the current-state of the City, identify priority digital modernization opportunities, and develop an overall digital modernization strategy.

The goal of this review is to identify specific, actionable opportunities for the City to modernize its service, processes, or capabilities in order to improve outcomes for residents, businesses, and staff.

Modernization opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and could include the introduction of new digital services, adjustment or expansion of existing digital services, new or altered ways of digitally receiving information about the City, accessing City data, and more.

How you can help!

A key part of this process is your input, and we want to hear how well you think the City currently provides digital services and how it could change in the future.

To help in this process, we’re asking you to complete this short, 10-minute survey.

The survey will be open for you to input your responses until 5:00pm on Sunday, December 4th.

If you have any questions or concerns related to this survey, please feel free to reach out to Anna at and we would be happy to address them.
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20% of survey complete.