1. General Information

Please provide us with your feedback on our Wild School program.  Your input will help us ensure the Wild School program meets the needs of teachers and schools across BC.  Thank you!

* 1. What year of the Wild School program did your school just complete?

* 2. How many years have you been involved with the Wild School program offered at your school?

* 3. Did your school segue from another program offered by WildBC into the Wild School program?

* 4. How did your school learn of the Wild School program?

* 5. Overall, what aspects of the Wild School program have you found helpful and/or informed your teaching practice?

  Very helpful Helpful Somewhat helpful Not helpful N/A
Professional Development - whole school staff workshop or group planning session
Resources - teacher guide book(s), school kit of materials, other print material such as curriculum supports
Support - WildBC Facilitator support throughout the year
Funding ($200 Wild School grant) - further facilitator support, field trip (transportation, program cost and/or  materials), or project (project materials, project leader)
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