Hey You, Important Idaho Guide, You.

What To Expect:
Survey length:
Under 10 minutes
Survey Categories:
Guide Demographics, Guide Triumphs/Concerns, IOGA-specific questions
Survey Questions:
Mostly multiple choice, some optional text-based answers, one ranking answer.
Why does this survey exist?
IOGA has been taking steps to try and encourage guides to come to the table to discuss and become involved in important issues facing our industry. However, despite some of these efforts, we couldn't help but notice at the IOGA 2017 Annual December Meeting there were less than 20 guides in attendance (there are over 3,000 guides licensed to work in the state of Idaho!).  In January 2018 a handful of the guides who were at the IOGA Annual December meeting decided to inquire about why this might be happening.  They created the Guides Outreach Committee and sent out a preliminary guide-outreach survey. The initial survey was created to see what issues the Idaho guiding community found important enough to put their elbow-grease behind. The results from that survey were then presented to the IOGA board of directors in the spring meeting and granted over $600 to continue important research to the ask what it is the guiding community would like to see in future years.
The original survey has been assessed, reconstructed, and was carefully built by a group of current guides as a commitment to making Idaho a better place to guide. We have split the survey into three main components: Guide Demographics, Guide-Specific Triumphs/Concerns, and IOGA-specific Involvement. In short, we'd like to learn more about what the guides in our community look like as a whole, what our guiding community likes and what they would like to see changed, and general impressions of how IOGA is functioning and where IOGA can improve. We, the guides providing this survey, feel that the only way we can create stronger resources for all of Idaho guides is to look back to our community for the answers. 
Don't feel like you need to take up too much time from your busy days to finish this survey but please answer as thoughtfully/honestly as you can. We understand how valuable your time is. The results of this survey could help point us in the right direction to elevate the quality of our lives as guides in the state of Idaho.
If you'd like more information on how to get involved, there will be contact information and links provided at the end of the survey.
Thank you SO much for your time. You are a rockstar. Your fellow Idaho guides appreciate all you do. 
This survey is to try and make your job better!
Answer as many questions as you can as truthfully as you can.
Please contact us with any comments, questions, concerns.
 Our contact information is on the last page of the survey.